#189 - Maggie's Fall

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This is The Campanile, a 284-foot tower on the south-west corner of Westminster Cathedral.

Saturday 23rd February 1924 was an ordinary day for happily married mother-of-two Margaret Ann Davey; she made breakfast, she packed some sandwiches for lunch, and – at 11:30am – she climbed the steps to the top of The Campanile.

Having purchased a ticket, the doorman had no suspicions that her mind was unbalanced, as she seemed happy and well. But at 2:10pm, having jumped from the top, and plummeted 86 metres, she ended her life on the hard stone road of Ambrosden Avenue. But why was she so unhappy, why did she choose to die here, and did she choose to take the lives of two innocents, who were just enjoying their lunch?

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