Are You Willing To Do What It Takes?

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Are you truly willing to do what it takes to have your most success? This is one of our “look in the mirror” podcasts and a lot of interesting thoughts came forward. It’s easy to set goals, but it’s hard to do what it takes to reach them. We contend next year’s success starts right now, but it doesn’t have to be hard. Will you fall prey to resistance or will you have a genuine talk with yourself and do better with your time and energy? The most successful athletes have a longer attention span. They can focus on details and get pleasure from the process. Now is the time to train so you can train like you need to train when it matters. Are you upset with your performance or because you did everything the same and expect different results. Sometimes it’s good to get fed up with our own excuses.


  • Check out our new TRAINING PLANS for 2023
  • Building Your Attention Span Starts Now
  • Kona on the Table
  • The People’s Podcast
  • Everyone at Starbucks making plans they don’t do
  • The most successful athletes do . . .
  • Getting the most out of your ability
  • Balancing your time investments
  • Getting back to and past your peak
  • Boredom: How do you fill it?
  • Who has the longest attention span?
  • 50 things half-done
  • Train so you can train like you need to train
  • Knowing and understanding your weaknesses
  • Beating Resistance
  • Motivation FOLLOWS movement
  • The War of Art
  • Engagement
  • HRV
  • I wasn’t sick, I wasn’t fit . . .
  • Are you annoyed with THEM or YOURSELF?
  • Why are we really upset with our performance?
  • Get fed up with your excuses
  • Firing on all 3 cylinders

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