Episode 3: Sustainable Diets

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This podcast seeks to disentangle the fast-evolving theme of Sustainable Diets with a view to creating more clarity as we approach events such as Veganuary. It also serves as a preface to a Footprint White Paper due to be launched in November. Topics discussed by our panelists are how to define a sustainable diet given how fast knowledge is evolving. What frameworks can the sector work to. We explored current and future trends. We took a close look at plant based, the meat reduction debate and also the context of health. We furthermore explored the supply chain; Scope 3 emissions and regenerative agriculture vs soil health as well as animal welfare. Finally, we also shone a spotlight on eduction and communication; worker skills, menu design, understanding Scope 3 and its implications in the context of consumer dialogue and comms.

Tune in to the podcast to hear the fascinating debate with:

• Chantelle Nicholson – Chef Patron, Apricity

• Emily Pinkney – Head of Sustainability, Sysco Speciality Foods

• Marisa Heath – Chief Executive, Plant-based Food Alliance

• Anna Collins – Nutrition Manager, Nestlé

• Amy Fetzer (in copy) - Footprint, Chair

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