Joshua Wang: PHD to Founder, Killing Cancer Using Trickery & Backlash vs. Personal Truth

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Joshua Wang, PhD is the Founder & CEO of VerImmune, an early biotechnology startup company developing a novel virus-inspired particle (ViP) technology platform that can be used as a delivery system to target multiple diseases. VerImmune’s first focus will be in Oncology whereby the ViP will enable the redirection of immune memory from past infections or childhood vaccinations to target cancer.

His initial primary interest was in vaccine development and that led him to pursue an education at Imperial College London, UK and then later graduate training at Johns Hopkins. It was during this period where Joshua caught the “entrepreneurial bug.” Joshua also previously worked as a Venture Labs fellow at Flagship Pioneering, a world class venture creation firm focused on developing innovative companies with first-in-class medicines to serve critical unmet needs.

Joshua considers himself an “accidental" bio-entrepreneur. He never intended to pursue biotech or start a business in drug development. Through serendipity and chance however, he found himself on this life-changing journey which has given him the privilege of developing potentially game changing treatment options to patients through the co-founding several startups, advising fellow aspiring founders, securing early-stage financing, partnerships with pharmaceuticals and operating early-stage biotech companies.

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