#113: The First Technique in Martial Arts [Video + Podcast]

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Welcome to Episode #113 of the Fight for a Happy Life podcast, “The First Technique in Martial Arts.”

Do you remember the first technique you learned in the martial arts? Was it a jab? A block? Maybe a breakfall?

Whatever it was, let me ask you—would you say it was also the most important technique? If not—

Don’t you think it should be?

Over the years, I’ve learned a wide range of both practical and somewhat “fancy” moves, but the fact is NONE of them will work on their own. That was a problem until I figured something out…

There’s actually a powerful technique you can include before any move to increase its chances of succeeding! I’d say it’s not only the most important lesson in the martial arts, it may be the most important lesson in living a happy life.

What is that technique? Just hit “play” and I’ll be happy to break it down for you! 🙂

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Thanks for listening! Keep fighting for a happy life!

The First Technique in Martial Arts

Here’s the video. If the player doesn’t work, click this direct link.

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