289. Why Are Young People Converting to Conservatism? | Eric Duhaime

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Canada is facing a conflict of wills. Trudeau stands on his high pillar of morality, self-justifying actions that impact everyone from farmers to the current youth generation. Eric Duhaime, leader of the Conservative party of Quebec, discusses pressing issues for his province, and how he plans to fight back.

Before winning his election campaign with 95.99 percent of the vote, he was a published columnist and radio host. He has written for Journal De Montreal, and the National Post, as well as numerous blogs such as Les Analystes and Journal De Quebec. His radio show, Le retour d'Éric Duhaime, broadcasted from FM93 in Quebec City. Duhaime is also an accomplished author, having written such books as “La SAQ pousse le bouchon!” and “Libérez-nous des syndicats.”


For Eric Duhaime:





(00:00) Coming up

(00:36) Intro

(08:31) Separatists, federalists, and the french minority

(18:07) Shifting demographics post crisis

(22:56) The balance between local & national culture

(27:57) The difference between libertarian, social, and fiscal conservatives

(33:41) Why younger people are being drawn to conservatism

(39:50) A vision of governance - The state should not impose lifestyle

(53:23) All in the running, the balance of conservatism in Canada

(59:00) Science, energy and the environment, Mr. Duhaime's stance

(01:17:19) Healthcare & virtue signaling

(01:31:42) Mr. Duhaime on his opponents

(01:35:29) Closing statements & how to support Quebec


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