Pop Paranormal - The Shining: The Grandpa of Modern Day Horror

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If you liked Urban Legends with the Ghost Brothers, check out a new podcast from Travel Channel: Pop Paranormal. Listen to episode 1 here and follow Pop Paranormal wherever you get your podcasts.

Pop Paranormal is a horror movie and TV podcast hosted by the geekiest couple you know: Karama Horne (aka @TheBlerdGurl, culture critic parked at the intersection of pop culture and diversity) and Chuck Collins (comic book artist, podcaster and horror connoisseur). Each week they dissect their favorite horror and paranormal classics, deep cuts, and current faves that have left a lasting impact on pop culture. Hot takes, cold takes and insider takes will flow.

Find episode transcripts here: https://urban-legends-with-the-ghost-brothers.simplecast.com/episodes/pop-paranormal-the-shining

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