Champions League Kickoff Recaps! Barca Trounce Plzen / Madrid Martyr Celtic

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Champions League season is finally back folks, and we here at El Clasico Podcastico are bringing you all the action from the week!!! First, Mark (Real Madrid) describes the scenes in Glasgow as Madrid opened their campaign against Celtic (7:30). Then Payton (Barcelona) walks us through Barca's stroll, and Lewandowski's joy ride, that was taken in the Spotify Camp Nou against Czech side Viktoria Plzen (21:00). Finally it's time for the weekend's La Liga action to get a preview, as Barcelona look to keep their momentum rolling as they travel away to last placed Cadiz, who Barca haven't actually beaten since 2006 (41:15) and Mark predicts Real Madrid's contest at home against another struggling La Liga side in Mallorca (47:12). It's all right here on El Clasico Podcastico!! Don't forget to email YOUR predictions to us at:

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