La Liga Weekend Recap: Barca and Madrid Keep Rolling / Champions League Kickoff Previews!

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Champions League is about to kickoff for the 22/23 season, and Mark (Real Madrid) and Payton (Barcelona) are here to give you everything you need to know about the opening games for the El Clasico teams. But first, the weekend's La Liga games are discussed. Mark details what happened in Real Madrid's tough win against Real Betis (12:21). Then Payton takes us through Barcelona's decisive victory, and what it means for their goals this season (26:46). Finally, it's time to preview the Champions League games, with Mark previewing Madrid's opener as they travel to Glasgow, Scotland to play Celtic (49:25) and Payton predicting Barcelona's home opener against Czech side Viktoria Plzen (56:50). Don't miss this banger of an episode!!!

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