214. Movie Deep Dive - Field of Dreams - Pointless Exercise Podcast

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Before the Cubs and Reds can ruin your memory of the film, we give Field of Dreams the full Movie Deep Dive treatment. We settle the really important questions like, "How much money would plowing under farmland to build a baseball field cost a farmer in 1988?" or "Is it have a catch or play catch?" How did they convince Kevin Costner to make a second baseball movie in two years? Who had a better 1989 than Gabby Hoffman? What job did Amy Madigan get offered in a bar in Dubuque during filming? What convinced James Earl Jones to join the cast and why the hell couldn't anybody pronounce Gandil or Cicotte? And why did they let Ray Liotta bat right handed and not have a southern accent? What other sports movie do you know Annie Kinsella's mom from? All this and much, much, more.

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