Episode 734 - Shihan John Araujo

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Shihan John Araujo is a Martial Arts practitioner and instructor at the Aikido of Bristol County, in East Freetown, Massachusetts.

I want to seek out Aikido to se what it’s all about. See if it is what it is in the movies. I checked it out, I trained a weekend and it felt like I trained for months. Compared to what I did in 10 years, not even close!

Shihan John Araujo - Episode 734

Araujo Shihan is an inspiring teacher and holds a deep passion for the power of Aikido. While Aikido is often referred to as a light art, Araujo Shihan has unlocked technique with tremendous power. His unique approach can add power and directness to any technique.

Today Araujo Shihan travels throughout the country teaching and sharing his Tenshin Aikido. Not only is Araujo Shihan a member of the I.I.M.A.A, I.M.A.F. & several other martial arts organizations, but he is also a technical Aikido advisor and representative for the International Independent Martial Artists Association.

In this episode, Shihan John Araujo talks about his journey to the martial arts and how he found his passion for Aikido. Listen to learn more!

Show Notes

For more information about Shihan John Araujo, you may check these websites:

Aikido of Bristol County

Facebook: Aikido Of Bristol County

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