Chris Coulter - CEO of GlobeScan - Co-author of “All In: The Future of Business Leadership”

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Chris Coulter is CEO of GlobeScan, an insights and advisory consultancy helping companies, NGOs, and governmental organizations know their world and create strategies that lead to a sustainable and equitable future. He is a co-author of All In: The Future of Business Leadership, and The Sustainable Business Handbook. He is Chair of Canadian Business for Social Responsibility, a member of B Lab’s Multinational Standards Advisory Council and serves on Walgreen’s Corporate Responsibility Advisory Board. Chris also co-hosts All In: The Sustainable Business Podcast.

"Now we're seeing people experiencing impacts, and there's been a growth, now 36% of the global population said they have been personally greatly impacted by climate change, up five points from a year ago. So it's growing, and the distribution of those impacts is unequal as well, and they tend to be mostly in developing countries where the impacts are felt the greatest. So we do have this interesting thing where in the Netherlands, the impacts are felt the lowest, yet concerns are highest and support for climate things are happening. And in other parts of the world, like Argentina or Mexico, we have very high levels of personal impact, and the concern levels sometimes are middling. So we're in a very strange time of unequal distribution, both of impact and also potential solutions at hand, but that will also, I think, lead to more interesting conversations going forward."

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