Secular Sexuality 09.31 08-04-2022 with Christy Powell and Forrest Valkai

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For more than 500,000 years homosapiens lived, loved and f**ked their way across Africa among pansexual chimps, sex changing frogs and three gendered bees, all without a single pink hammer or blue balloon to let them know who was who. People say that we’ve gone and made things a little too complicated these days with our transmasc this and enby-femme that but turns out, this stuff has always been weird. This week science educator Forrest Valkai joins Christy for a conversation about the natural, unnatural and supremely weird world of virgin birth giving sharks, sex swapping fish and other challenges to our supposedly two box system. A bioanthropological look at gender, some news of the weird and a healthy dose of what’s turning us on this week on SecX! ► Learn more and find what’s turning us on at Secular Sexuality show is LIVE every Thursday from 7:00 to 8:30pm Central Time

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