Cut the Crap About Alcohol with Beth Feraco

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Beth Feraco joins the show to cut the crap about alcohol. Beth describes herself as a Strength and Nutrition Coach, Recovering Alcoholic, Runner, Wife, Mother, Lifter of Heavy Things, Fitness Motivator and Champion of Personal Growth and Development! You may have seen her on TikTok or Instagram dispelling many of the toxic myths about diet culture.

We chat about:

  • Beth’s story of getting sober and fit
  • Menopause and alcohol- “Alcohol is like pouring gasoline on your menopause symptoms.”
  • Sugar and diet coke- “We aren’t talking about the real poison [alcohol]”
  • What does moderation mean
  • Why you can’t be addicted to sugar
  • How to eat healthy for real people
  • The importance of small challenges
  • Tips for cravings
  • And more!!!

Find Beth:


Instagram: @bethferacofitness

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