Episode 730 - Sensei Brett Mayfield

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Sensei Brett Mayfield is a martial arts practitioner and instructor from Vermont.

I teach Martial Arts as a lifestyle whether it be to a 6 year old or a 60 year old. I teach it as a lifestyle for them to enhance something in their life.

Sensei Brett Mayfield - Episode 730

For Sensei Brett Mayfield, teaching martial arts is a lifestyle, and what he teaches is a way to enhance his student’s life. Sensei Mayfield is a Special Olympics coach and he’s trained in martial arts not only in the US but also in abroad like Japan.

Sensei Mayfield has been teaching martial arts in the Upper Valley for 20 years, and has many black belt level students whom he can call on to assist him. He also teaches Oriental Medicine and Acupuncture at the Green Mountain School of Acupuncture and Holistic Medicine in Hartford, Vermont.

In this episode, Sensei Brett Mayfield talks about his journey to the martial arts and how it enabled him to train around the world. Listen to learn more!

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