#133 Music, Podcasts, Porn Stars w/ Bill D. Degillio

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Hey guys, we’ve got a great new episode for you! 🎉 Bill G. Degillio met us via Zoom for his 2nd appearance on our show! It was great to reconnect with Bill and chat about what he’s been up to over the last year or so…and it’s a lot! 🔥 As you may know if you listened to his last episode (Episode #75), his friend, Pauly Shore, moved to Las Vegas. Bill was an integral part of Pauly’s podcast, Random Rants, and shortly after the move, Bill started going to Vegas to hang with Pauly and play in his newly formed band, “Pauly Shore and the Crustys”! Bill also shared info about being on the podcast, “Jam in the Van”, whether the Fourplex Four are getting back together and future plans for the Crustys. We played our newest segment with Bill, where we ask random questions from our Pod Decks and things got spicy as Bill shared a story that involved him, Pauly and a Porn Star! Not to be missed! Thank you so much for listening on Audio and watching on our YouTube channel!! Please SUBSCRIBE! ❤️

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