Episode 752: Evil | Part 20

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People typically don’t engage in normal conversation on the topic of ‘evil’, although maybe a glancing discussion when they see something in a news headline or a movie/TV show that portrays something as they perceive as evil. But, do you know how much ‘evil’ is written about in your Bible? Do you know what the true, scriptural definition of ‘evil’ is? How does this knowledge affect your walk of faith.
Rabbi Steve Berkson is one of the small few that would take on the challenge of teaching from scripture about the topic of ‘evil’. You will be amazed and often surprised as Rabbi Berkson dissects the verses from the Bible, one-by-one if necessary, to teach what has been revealed to him and how these revelations will definitely impact your life – both physically and spiritually.
Rabbi Berkson decides to start from the beginning, in the book of Genesis, as he has done in other teachings, and continues through the whole bible to provide a comprehensive understanding of this topic.
• Isaiah 5:20-21 - Mislabeling
• We don’t have to agree on everything?
• So smart and clever
• 3 John 1:11 - Is it imitating evil to…?
• Romans 12:21 - Overcome evil with good
• 1 Peter 3:8 - There’s no arguing
• What defines ‘righteousness’?
• Turn away from evil
• Zephaniah 3 - The leadership thought they were righteous
• Revelation 2:1-2 - Test and prove those who teach
• Psalm 23
• Final words
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