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How do You Consistently Feel About Yourself on Physical, Mental & Emotional Levels?

Do You Set Boundaries Without Feeling Guilt?

How Does Social Media Affect How You Feel About Yourself?

Join Heather Jean with Special Guest... Ashley Carpentier: Mental Wellness Coach who is passionate about helping women learn to love themselves and their body so they can live a happy and free life.

In this Incredible, Informative Episode, Ashley & Heather Jean are discussing what it means to Love Yourself & Love Your Body.

Join Us in this Confidence Through Cabaret Vodcast episode as Heather Jean and Ashley are talking about

...Joy and what feels good for you?

... Awareness of your thoughts - What You Experience and the Origins of Your Thoughts

... How Others' comments affect how you feel about yourself

... Perfectionism & Allowing Yourself to be imperfect without self-punishment

... SMART Goals and how they help when you find what you love

... Setting boundaries for yourself

... Feeling good vs Guilt in self-care

... How you experience your body: Loving Your body, Moving in your body and feeling good

... Physical & Mental Healing to Love Your Body

Ashley shares her practices, her work, her journey and lessons along the journey to finding her path to this amazing work... and SO much more!

Don't Miss This Packed Episode!


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