Insurance For Real Estate Investors With Rama Gupta

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[00:44] Intro
[01:35] Rama’s background and investing history
[03:28] Insurance when starting the journey as an investor in Real Estate
[05:32] Rama explains the Renter’s insurance. For owners or investors in the single family properties
[07:04] Other things that Rama feels investors should be covered on inorder to supplement the renter’s insurance
[10:00] What investors should know about insurance when shopping for multifamily properties
[12:41] Rama highlights some aspects to look out for when shopping for the next investment property that indicate higher insurance rates
[16;40] Rama’s advice to investors looking at a couple investment properties
[18:58] Pre underwriting deals in the decision making process
[21:13] Rama shares something investors who have started getting into single family homes can learn from

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