#129 The Tacoma Takeover w/ Joe Gomez, Jes Anderson & Juan Carlos

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Brand new episode from Toasted Marshmallow Adventures Studios! 🎉 We had 3 comedians into the studio for this fun episode as we talked to the Tacoma Comedy Takeover Crew: Joe Gomez, Jes Anderson and Juan Carlos! You may recognize Joe’s name (#JokeDaddy) from previous episodes; we talked to him initially on the Mixed and Misidentified episode (#94) and then again when he came to town with Comedian Erik Escobar (Episode #105). It was our first time talking to Jes and Carlos, comedians that are both currently in Tacoma, WA. Jes describes herself as a mother, comic, ridiculous human and Juan has been written up as a comedic philosopher that relies on incongruity, sarcasm and misdirection. We talked to Jes about what the heck happened to her sunroof (follow her on Instagram @Coachsmoach to see the picture!) and Juan shared info about his podcast (Revisionary Podcast) as well as being born in NYC and doing some shows in Spanish. There’s a lot of back and forth as we talk about their visit to Boise, the show at The Lounge and their experiences as comedians. 🔥 Please take a moment to SUBSCRIBE wherever you’re listening and tell your friends about your favorite episodes from Toasted Marshmallow Adventures Podcast. Thank you to all of our listeners and YouTube subscribers…we are grateful! ❤️

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