How to Get and Stay Sober with Judy Cook

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Boozeless British Babe Judy Cook joins the show! Judy is a part of my Alcoholiday group and is on the show to share her story of becoming truly alcohol free. Judy has been alcohol free for over 2 years and continues to learn and grow. Along the way she became a sober coach and inspired her husband to quit drinking. Judy has so many gems of wisdom you won’t want to miss this episode. Pour yourself a cup of tea and listen in.

We chat about:

  • Judy’s journey from school teacher to over drinker
  • How she quit drinking during the pandemic
  • The 3 C’s to success: Coaching, Commitment, Community
  • What to do when your partner still drinks
  • How she inspired her husband to quit alcohol
  • Tips for just starting out and for long term sobriety

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