The Flip Side #86 - Learning to Respect The Aboriginal Culture w/ Senior Indigenous Darug Custodian Uncle Lexodious Dadd

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Lexodious K.P. Dadd or Uncle Lex is a proud indigenous Senior Darug custodian from the Cannemegal clan of the Sydney area. Uncle Lex speaks on the history of Sydney, the environment, and traditional tools and the way of life of aboriginal people, his people, the Darug people, the first people of Sydney, and how they cared for the land for thousands of years and lived in harmony with Mother Earth.

In this episode, Uncle Lex explains the importance of learning to respect the aboriginal culture, the effects of transgenerational trauma, the cause of lateral violence, and how we can prevent them.

To learn more about Uncle Lex and his advocacies, please visit


00:00 Intro

00:30 My Trip To Uluru

01:30 Meet Uncle Lex

03:50 Aboriginal Elders

05:00 Countries In Australia

07:00 Yanama Budyari Gumada

08:10 Aboriginal Spiritual Places

09:55 Traditional Land Boundaries

10:30 The Aboriginal Way

13:00 Aboriginal Land Ownership

14:55 Australian Bush Fires

16:30 Past, Present, Possibilities

18:30 Government Indigenous Roles

19:30 New Generation Aboriginals

20:15 Aboriginal Culture & Research Centre

21:40 Aboriginal Challenges

23:40 Losing Culture

26:00 The Stolen Generation

27:10 Lateral Violence

28:50 The Importance Of Learning History

30:40 Responsibility For Country

33:00 Learning To Be Respectful

35:20 Honor Thy Lands

36:45 Traditional Custodians

37:30 The Circle Of Life

38:45 The Rainbow Serpent

40:10 Acknowledgement Isn’t Enough

41:25 Tracks Movie

43:00 How To Become An Elder

45:10 Darug Population

49:10 Transgenerational Traumas

52:20 Uncle Lex’s Advocacies

53:45 Sharing Aboriginal Culture

54:45 The Rainbow Serpent Story

55:40 Social Media Aboriginal Awareness

57:05 The Shadow Rangers

01:01:10 Social Media Disadvantage

01:02:50 Real Estate Overlords

01:04:00 Aboriginal Culture Organizational Support

01:05:20 Outro

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