10 Takeaways from Mandatory OTAs Chicago Bears: Braxton Jones Starting & Velus Jones Jr is a Weapon

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Updates from the Chicago Bears mandatory OTAs the week of June 13th. The defense is still looking fast and active as Jaquan Brisker is continues to impress and build on the chemistry with Eddie Jackson. Thomas Graham Jr. is fighting for the starting cornerback position away from Tavon Young and won't let it go. Plus, special surprises from Dominique Robinson and Carson Taylor out of Northern Arizona on the edge spots provide much needed depth. All that and Robert Quinn not at mandatory practice, will he be traded or will he be on the roster?
On the offensive side of the ball Braxton Jones is starting at left tackle and having reporters like Chris Trapasso calling him the Bears future LT. Although he's learning 2nd year player Teven Jenkins continues to be on the bench and Justin Fields and Darnell Mooney continue to push each other to greatness.
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