#126 Comedian Dylan Hunter

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Brand new episode from Toasted Marshmallow Adventures Studios (TMA Studios)! 🔥 In this episode we met with comedian Dylan Hunter in our Boise Studio to discuss his very recent win in Idaho’s Best Comedian Competition! 🎉 This was our first time meeting Dylan and we had a fun conversation about his Magic Cards, his recent news interview related to his WIN, and of course, his experience at Idaho’s Best Comedian Competition. He shared his feelings about the new competition and how he persevered and won the whole thing, including taking home the prize money: $1000! We discussed all of the social media commitments that come with being an entertainer, his long hair and beard and, when his partner posted on our Instagram LIVE feed about his social media posting habits, we got to say hi to her virtually which was fun. This is a great episode and we look forward to following Dylan’s comedy career! We hope you’ll give him a follow too! Thank you so much for sharing our podcast on social media, following Toasted Marshmallow Adventures on social media and telling your friends about our podcast. It helps us a lot and we are grateful. ❤️

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