131 - Eclectic 18: Rob McGuirk - Princes Golf Club

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We sat down with Rob McGuirk - general manager at Prince’s golf club while we were in Kent for our Spring Meeting to talk about his career in the game, the evolution of Prince’s and of course his rather spicy Eclectic 18!
Rob has a fascinating history with the game, growing up playing to a high standard, turning professional and competing for a living, and more recently running Prince's! his scorecard is a mouthwatering one;
#1 Brora
#2 Pine Valley
#3 Royal County Down
#4 Swinley Forest
#5 Royal Portrush
#6 Royal St. George's
#7 Sunningdale (old)
#8 Las Brisas
#9 Golspie
#10 Valderrama
#11 TPC Sawgrass
#12 St George's Hill
#13 Merion (east)
#14 Royal Dornoch
#15 Prince's (Shore & Dunes)
#16 Bayonne
#17 National Golf Links fo American
#18 The Old Course
Par - 72 / Yardage - 6,631

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