130 - Course Diaries: Royal Cinque Ports w/ Paul Craven

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Paul Craven is a man of many talents. A member of The Magic Circle, an industry leader on the subject of heuristics and behavioural science, and also one of the club's passionate archivists at Royal Cinque Ports (aka 'Deal). We sat down with him 42 minutes before the clubhouse closed when we were down in Kent last week to talk to him about the evolution of the links, the connections it has with The Open and the Halford Hewitt, as well as some of the quirky and amusing tales from yesteryear. It's a cracking episode and we hope you enjoy it as much as we did recording it!.
For more on Paul Craven, please head over to his website at www.paulcraven.com or follow him on twitter @cravenpartners

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