#122 The We Missed Bert Kreischer Episode

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Hey guys! Brand new episode from Toasted Marshmallow Adventures Studios! 🎉 This time we had 3 comedians in the studio: Jake Martin, LJ Sullivan and Jake Wheeler. Here’s the deets: Chris and Wendy went to see Comedian Bert Kreischer at the Morrison Center in Boise, ID. After the first opener, they announced that a local comedian was going to be the next opener! Chris and Wendy were on the edge of their seat while they waited to hear who it was! 🔥 As they headed to their car after the show, they noticed that the Lounge at the End of the Universe in Boise had announced a late night open mic. They are still kicking ourselves because they did not put 2 and 2 together. Instead they headed home, only to wake up to find many facebook posts about THE Bert Kreischer going to THAT Late Night Open Mic after his show at The Morrison Center! Comedian LJ Sullivan posted on Facebook that not only did he have FOMO (Fear of Missing Out), but DOMO (Depressed on Missing Out) because he was in Chicago pursuing his dreams. Comedian Jake Martin replied on the thread that he was super bummed because he was at home watching the kids so his wife could have a girls night with her friends. And so it began, The “We Missed Bert Kreischer” Episode was scheduled! We sat down at 11pm last Wednesday night and talked about the highs and lows. We were all so excited for the one lucky comedian that got to open for Bert and so very sad for ourselves. In this episode you will hear from that comedian (if you haven’t done the math, it’s Blackfoot’s own Jack Wheeler!!) as he shares how he met Bert Kreischer and ended up opening for him later that day! This is a great episode and we hope you enjoy! Thanks for watching on YouTube and listening on all audio platforms! ❤

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