Episode 301 - We ARE Back

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Midnight Patriot Nation, your boys Cryptic, Spartan, and Burton are back from the liberal depths of hell. That's right WE ARE BACK, and welcome to season 3.
Cryptic and Spartan kick off the new season with our over caffeinated, witty charm while we discuss Twitters evident hate for Elon, so much that they would rather take poison. Liberal and progressives heads exploding because they can't read a 6 page bill, and rather make everyone believe it states "Don't Say Gay" (spoiler, we counted how many time the word Gay shows up in the bill, listen now to find out). Lastly, the NY subway attack and how some parts just don't sit right with Spartan.
YOU are not going to want to miss this, so Strap IN, Listen UP and remember the Constitution IS NOT a suggestion!
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