#120 Comedian Tyler Boeh

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Brand new episode from Toasted Marshmallow Adventures Studios! 🎉 We had a great time talking to Comedian Tyler Boeh about his beat boxing, break dancing and comedy career! Tyler started his comedy pursuit in Portland, Oregon, soon after moving to Los Angeles, CA to work on two television pilots and record his first special, "Carpool Companion". Tyler has been a nationally recognized vocal percussionist, has a Dry Bar special, "Wait for It", and as a comedian has been described as high-energy, intelligent, physical, and silly. His quick wit and award winning "beat-boxing" talent bring audiences to hysterical heights. We had a great time talking to Tyler and hope you will enjoy it too! Give him a follow on Instagram @TylerBoeh and then check out his show at The Lounge at the End of the Universe in Boise, ID April 29th and 30th at 8pm! Tickets at LoungeBoise.com. Thank you so much to all of our audio listeners and YouTube viewers! We are grateful! Please make sure to click the subscribe button so that you don't miss an episode; we've got a lot of great talent lined up to be on the pod! ❤️

⭐️Coming soon from Toasted Marshmallow Adventures Studios: "Locked Up with Rebel Rae", a new series about abuse, addiction, incarceration and redemption that's not to be missed! Please subscribe on your favorite audio platform so that you can binge the whole series!⭐️

❤️Also, 2 new episodes of LOVE YOU, MOM. AN ALZHEIMER'S STORY. Will be dropping soon! If you haven't listened to the first 10 episodes, go back and do that now so that you'll be all up to date and ready for the rest of the story! Thank you; we are grateful and appreciate each and every one of you. ❤️

⭐️ Toasted Marshmallow Adventures Studios is open for new clients! If you're looking for a place to record your podcast, need editing help or help promoting your creative endeavor or business, please reach out, we can assist! ⭐️

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