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Hey guys! Brand new episode from Toasted Marshmallow Adventures Studios! 🎉 We had the pleasure of talking to Comedian Ed Hill via Zoom from our Nampa Studio. Ed will be at the Lounge at the End of the Universe in Boise, Idaho April 7,8,9 at 7pm. Get your tickets at LoungeBoise.com. We had a great chat with Ed about his special, “Candy and Smiley” , which NPR lists as one of 2021’s End of the Year Comedy Specials to see, and is about his life and experiences with his family. The special was taped 2 weeks after the pandemic started and has a very unique look and powerful feel. We discussed how his brother used to call him, “Edward the Penis Man”, how his upbringing was a tough one that he probably wouldn’t change, comedy in Asia and his allergies to alcohol, marijuana, nicotine and metal. We ended the conversation getting his take on the Chris Rock/Will Smith slap as seen on the Oscars. Thank you so much for watching, listening, following and sharing. Please check out Ed’s special on Amazon Prime and if you’re in town, come out to The Lounge to see him LIVE! We have many more podcasts lined up, so please stay tuned for some amazing talent coming through Boise!

⭐️Coming soon from Toasted Marshmallow Adventures Studios: “Locked Up with Rebel Rae”, a new series about abuse, addiction, incarceration and redemption that’s not to be missed! Please subscribe on your favorite audio platform so that you can binge the whole series!⭐️

❤️Also, 2 new episodes of LOVE YOU, MOM. AN ALZHEIMER’S STORY. Will be dropping soon! If you haven’t listened to the first 10 episodes, go back and do that now so that you’ll be all up to date and ready for the rest of the story! Thank you; we are grateful and appreciate each and every one of you. ❤️

⭐️ Toasted Marshmallow Adventures Studios is open for new clients! If you're looking for a place to record your podcast, need editing help or help promoting your creative endeavor or business, please reach out, we can assist! ⭐️

Tickets to Ed’’s show: https://www.loungeboise.com/tickets/edhill

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LOVE YOU, MOM, AN ALZHEIMER’S STORY: https://open.spotify.com/show/6Dv4QEMxTXhc3JJEuKnaYU?si=_-pJMWsgQk2Si89RIO2csg&dl_branch=1

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