Giving education and equal opportunities to girls and boys with Janepher Nansubuga

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Janepher has been involved with School for Life Uganda from the very beginning (2009). She is now Director of Community and Welfare.

She lived a happy life in Kampala until she was 16 years old. Both her parents then died within a year and she became responsible for her 3 younger siblings. Life was tough. She remembered her father's words: "It is only you who can support yourself to get out of any kind of situation. And you have the solution to every problem that comes your way".

She saw how hard it was for her to acquire an education so she decided to learn to be a Montessori teacher. She wanted to give back to children in the same situation as herself.

She joined the School for Life as a teacher and today her work involves making sure that the children are well mentally, physically and psychologically. The School for Life is impacting the whole community, not only the children. Their approach is holistic and they have health initiatives, clean water stations and projects around gender based violence.
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