Your Guide To March Madness Success

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You might care less about March Madness, but it's undoubtedly going to be the hot topic of conversation of the next few weeks. Here's how you can level the playing field and join the conversation. (Hint: you don't have to know anything about basketball). This is the first time the women's tournament has been allowed to use the trademarked term "March Madness" on its marketing and branding. Keep an eye on Haley Jones of Stanford, who is having a great season. She and her team are defending national champions, where she was named Final Four Most Outstanding Player. The men's bracket is wide open with favorites like No. 1 ranked Gonzaga, Arizona, Kansas and Baylor, but experts disagree on who the winner could be. (Baylor won last year). Arguably the best player in the country is 7'0" Gonzaga freshman Chet Holmgren. His on-the-court skills are notable but keep an eye out for his 7-foot father in the stands. Papa Holmgren films all of his son's games on an old-school camcorder from the bleachers. The NCAA tournament had become the second most popular sporting event amongst gamblers in the sportsbooks, office pools or online. (Super Bowl is the most popular). When choosing your bracket in this single-elimination tournament, remember that the most likely upset is a No. 12 team over a No. 5. A No. 16 team has upset a No. 1 seeded team once in the tournament's history. Many companies have turned the tournament into a team-building opportunity with various contests. Take Warren Buffet and his $1 million a year for life promise for an employee who picks a perfect bracket in the first round. The chances of picking a completely perfect bracket? 1 in 9.2 quintillions. You're better off basing your retirement on winning the lottery. Did you know that vasectomies increase during March Madness because it's doctor's orders to be a couch potato, so men might as well heal while watching basketball? Speaking of feeling blue, the color might be the ticket to winning. Since 2004, the only champions that won it all without having blue as their primary uniform color are Louisville and Baylor. Check out our Guide to March Madness for the background on the tournament and more of what you need to know:

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