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Brand new episode from Toasted Marshmallow Adventures Studio! 🎉 We're back in the studio chatting with comedian Josh Johnson via Zoom and we go LIVE on our Toasted Marshmallow Adventures Facebook page. 🔥 Josh discusses his new special: Chanel Black (out February 25th, 2022) , writing for Trevor Noah and his podcast, The Josh Johnson Show. He tells a story about being on the Web Show, “Visit Seattle”, where he had to navigate the city without a phone or GPS, catfishing the KKK and his past special from 2021 (called #hashtag) presented by Trevor Noah. Finally we touch on his live podcast episode where his guest, Dulce Sloan, talks about a flat earth guy that says the world is 30 blocks and that he wants to travel to Boise, Idaho! 🎉 Take a listen, follow Josh on all social media platforms and check out his current tour with Trevor Noah, “Back to Abnormal”. Thank you so much for liking, sharing, commenting, subscribing! It helps us so much and we are grateful! ❤️

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