The PrimateCast Origins (62): Dr. Vernon Reynolds on the making of a field station

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In this installment of The PrimateCast we continue with our International Primatology Lecture Series: Past, Present and Future Perspectives of the Field.

"Expect Problems; you won't be disappointed"

- Vernon Reynolds

In the second podcast in this lecture series we hear from Dr. Vernon Reynolds, in a talk entitled "Budongo: The Making of a Field Station". In the lecture, Vernon gives us the story behind many decades of chimpanzee research in Uganda, leading to the Budongo Forest Project and later the Budongo Conservation Field Station.
You can find out more about the talk and about Vernon on our dedicated page for this event, complete with a biosketch with his academic history. And make sure you check out his very own Wikipedia page!
The PrimateCast is hosted and produced by Andrew MacIntosh. Artwork by Chris Martin. Music by Andre Goncalves. Credits by Kasia Majewski.

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A podcast from Kyoto University and CICASP.

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