Dreaming Of A Polite Christmas?

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We all have this idyllic vision of our family holiday with chestnuts roasting on an open fire while drinking eggnog and laughing in our Christmas sweaters. Now let’s be real, that only happens in the movies. Inevitably someone says something offensive about politics, insults the meal or gives a present that’s wholly inappropriate. When things take an awkward turn, here are a few ways to redirect the conversation to safer ground. AT YOUR OFFICE POTLUCK, YOU’RE STUCK IN A CONVERSATION WITH THE MOST BORING PERSON IN THE OFFICE WITH NO RESCUE IN SIGHT They have to be passionate about something – pets, travel, their stamp collection or a good cause. Like John Cena, whose heart is bigger than his biceps. The WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) wrestler’s mantra is “Never Give Up” and that’s what he’s told the countless Make-A-Wish kids he’s met with. There are so many moments to make you smile like the time he had a tea party with one Make-A-Wish visitor, while decked out in his full wrestling regalia. Because of the orchestrated nature of his sport, he’s even gone as far as to weave certain moves requested by the kids into his “performance” during a matchup. TINY UNIFORM, BIG HEART The holidays are a time of year to give, and no one gives more than these five athletes who give back to their community in a big way. WHEN YOUR GRANDPA TALKS POLITICS, SENDING YOUR FAMILY INTO A TIZZY You know what’s not controversial? Getting someone a gift they love. Athletes might be known for their moves on the field, but their gift giving abilities are their hidden talent. How about a parka that dispenses Skittles, an Audi A7 or a handwritten note? HERE’S HOW ATHLETES SPREAD HOLIDAY CHEER IN THE LOCKER ROOM YOU WERE THE LIFE OF THE PARTY BUT NOW THERE’S NOT ENOUGH ADVIL IN THE WORLD TO STOP YOUR HANGOVER. Keep yourself in the game by trying this recovery routine. Former NBA (National Basketball Association) player Amare Stoudemire was known for bathing in red wine to help his post-game recovery so it’s no surprise that the former member of the Phoenix Suns and Israeli citizen created his own kosher wine. WHEN YOU PUT ON YOUR BIG FAKE SMILE BECAUSE YOU RECEIVED YET ANOTHER PAIR OF UNDERWEAR Be a good sport because it’s time for college football bowl game season. If you’re not one of the four teams playing for a chance at the National Championship (Cincinnati, Michigan, Alabama and Georgia), a bowl game is like a participation trophy but with great TV exposure and gifts. The most memorable bowl game names this season roll off the tongue like the Cheez-It Bowl, TaxSlayer Gator Bowl, the Tony the Tiger Sun Bowl and the inaugural Jimmy Kimmel Bowl LA Bowl. And yes, there used to be a game called the Salad Bowl. Want to know more about the topics addressed above or simply avoid awkward conversations year-round? Subscribe to Last Night’s Game where we break down the trending topics in sports in an easy-to-understand, conversation way so even a novice can talk sports with the best of them. Don’t want to read? Check out our short and sweet weekly podcast. Links: lastnightsgame.com/podcast - Athletes to thank for your next hangover: https://lastnightsgame.com/therundown/2021/4/13/athletes-to-thank-for-your-next-hangover - Athletes who give back: https://lastnightsgame.com/podcast/2020-holidaygiftideas-r2etw - Amare Stoudemire's red wine recovery: https://lastnightsgame.com/therundown/2021/4/13/athletes-to-thank-for-your-next-hangover - The 5 things you need to know to survive college bowl game season: https://lastnightsgame.com/podcast/2021-bowl-game-season

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