High, Noon for Thursday December 16th 2021

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In today's episode:

The story has never made sense and it gets worse the more times they tell it

Nazi Doctor Anthony Fauci claims that the booster will prevent serious illness and death from Omicron, which doesn't cause serious illness or death

France reclassifies the fully vaccinated over 65 years old as unvaccinated if they haven't gotten their boosters, but that's just a conspiracy theory

Moderna's Chief Medical Officer claims that Omicron and Delta might combine into a Very Very Scary Variant, but it probably won't, but it's "certainly possible"

Vinay Prashad apologizes for the expert community failing the world's children by allowing draconian and anti-scientific measures to be passed, which would be great if it weren't 20 months behind schedule

The illegitimate administration and the Democrat Communist Party have realized they can't pass Klaus Schwab's Build Back Better agenda, so they say they'll be refocusing on the "voting rights" agenda they already failed on.

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