The Flip Side #57 - Billion Dollar Deals & Successfully Climbing The Corporate Ladder w/ Howard Blakely

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In this episode, Howard tells us about his career journey as an accountant and finance modeller. He also shares valuable advice on handling billion-dollar business accounts, how to get a pay rise, and finding the best accountant for your business. These and more in today’s episode, “Successfully Climbing The Corporate Ladder Managing Billion Dollar Deals w/Howard Blakely”.

00:00 Intro
00:45 Meet Howard Blakely
01:35 Getting Into Accountancy
03:40 Migrating To Australia
06:30 Managing Billion-Dollar Business
07:35 From Accounting To Financial Modelling
09:30 How To Double Your Salary
11:00 Loyalty Cuts Two Ways
15:50 CIMA Accountant
18:05 Accounting Challenges
20:20 Financial Modelling
22:10 Value Your Own Worth
23:20 Bid Work
25:10 Offshore Companies
26:10 Tax Havens
30:25 Looking For A New Accountant
32:50 Tax Evasion vs Tax Avoidance
35:05 Proactive Accountants
36:50 Primary Motivation
43:00 You Can’t Jump Off A Diving Board Slowly
44:50 Howard’s Secret
47:00 Consistency & Persistency
48:55 Andy’s Hypotheses
51:20 Best Piece Of Advice
52:20 Taxation Planning & Completion
53:25 Access To Public Records
55:30 Taxation Specialists
59:00 Understanding Taxes
1:00:20 Cost-Benefit Analysis
1:01:10 Outro

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