NFL and College Championship Weekend Picks | Three Dog Thursday (Ep.87)

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A huge weekend of College Football Championship Games to Finish the regular season and the NFL heads towards the home stretch are both part of the only digital radio show that prides itself on focusing on and predicting those Underdogs.

First, TJ welcomes back Brian Edwards, Sr. Handicapper from Vegas Insider and Brian gives his thoughts on the wild coaching carousel that has now seen Oklahoma's Lincoln Riley bolt for USC and Notre Dame's Brian Kelly do the same for LSU. What happens next for those two programs looking for coaches?

Then, the guys go over the championship games and Underdogs including what kind of chances do the likes of the Houston Cougars and Alabama Crimson Tide have in their games for their conference titles. Brian also has an NFL doggie, as well.

Next it's the "No Huddle Underdogs" segment, as T.J. welcomes Gary Segars from the show/podcast. Gary has thoughts on the carousel in college too and also on a pooch he likes for Saturday, too. Also, Matt Zemek of USA Today's site is back on board to discuss the how/why Riley ended up at Southern Cal. Matt also likes an interesting championship game hound too. And, rounding out the no huddle is Jason Powers from the "Powers on Sports Podcast" who will be in Atlanta this weekend for the big game with UGA and Bama, as well as the Buccaneers vs. Falcons on Sunday.

Hear T.J. and Jason go over their Underdog picks to close things out, too.

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