45: Is Life Happening FOR You or TO You?

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This episode is all about our choice points on our way through the Hero/Heroine's journey my friends!
What if Life...the small and major challenges were happening for you?
You'll hear some reminders of how to:
Honor your past
Give yourself permission for your reactions, all emotions, the fullness of your anger, pain, grief, and experience
In hindsight see how some of the toughest moments or events were turning points that brought out your greatest gifts and wisdom.
What if you current challenge was FOR you to:
Finally see a pattern that's been holding you hostage?
Get closer to Source?
Clear limiting beliefs that keep you small?
Walk with Shannon through some visioning and her own examples (you're not alone in these!) of her learning so we can keep finding the gems together!
For Group and Individual
Coaching with Host Shannon Bodie (Arnett), NBC-HWC, MA, CEHP, RYT-500
Director Inner Peace Rising, LLC,
In the Pace as You Go "Love in the Mirror" Course,
$150 for 8 live or downloaded classes! GO to:

www.innerpeacerising.com (courses tab)
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