Episode 21 - Small steps - Helping Out Hobart Single Mums

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Nonie Pople is the Small Steps Coordinator and has been with Hobart City Mission for 5 years

Small Steps provides a live-in parenting and life skills program for 11 young mums (under 25 years old) and their babies, with 24/7 onsite care. Each mum can stay at Small Steps for up to two years.

The mums are taught skills that can assist them in living independently in the community, such as budgeting, maintaining a stable tenancy, and providing a safe and healthy environment for their child.

Since its establishment in June 2014, Small Steps has provided assistance to over 40 mums, who many have moved on to independent living, whilst successfully completing studies or employment.

To find out more about Small Steps visit https://hobartcitymission.org.au/small-steps/

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