Midwest Radio - Weekly Gardening Advice Show 09/10/2021

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On the programme this week Paraic looks back on the recent meithel in Kiltimagh and pays tribute to the community planting project that took place at the town's railway station area. There's information on making wreaths and table centre pieces for halloween and Paraic explains about the useful bulb planting tools which come in a range of sizes and are great for planting bulbs into the ground with the miniumum of effort. As trees and shrubs start to shed their leaves there's another reminder on how to go about making compost plus a very comprehensive look at planning and planting hedges for different locations with information on varieties, speed of growth and options to grow from pots and bare root. Plants featured this week include nerines, pellargonium, pampas grass, and hydrangeas. Listeners questions include when to feed winter heathers, the best manure for potatoes, move acers to larger pots, types of cabbage that can be sown now, when to trim ivy, transplanting purple sprouting broccoli and growing viburnum tinus.

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