The Michigan Hockeycast 4.1: Reloaded and Motivated

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With David Nasternak and Alex Drain

Segment 1: Forwards, goals, and many talents

  • Pairings make up lines: KJ and Matty; Bords and Brisson
  • What to do with line 3? Beecher will miss some time
  • Grind Line Part 4! Van Whye and Moyle
  • Who fits in? How do they complement everyone else?
  • How long has Pasta been here

Segment 2: Defensemen, Goalies, and Intangibles

  • Best D pairing in the NCAA?
  • Who will play with the New Hughes?
  • Plenty of options for 5-8
  • The Year of Portillo
  • Special Teams and Friends
  • Around the Conference: Minnesota and.......anyone?
  • Measures of Success


  • NHL on ESPN Theme
  • "We Ready" - Archie Eversole ft. Bubba Sparxxx
  • Ice Hockey (NES) theme

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