Midwest Radio - Weekly Gardening Advice Show 24/10/2020

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As new Level 5 restrictions come into effect this week's programme looks at the impact of those restrictions on garden centres and Paraic outlines the measures being taken to maintain safety over the coming weeks. While official wintertime commences now there are still lots of opportunities for planting up in advance of Spring. Elephant garlic, a perennial variety of this flavourful bulb, and herbs can all be sown now for Christmas harvest. For those looking to introduce some colour to pots and containers Paraic recommends mixing winter heathers with ornamental cabbage and cyclamen for instant impact, and he gives a timely reminder about feeding wild birds. There's advice on pruning back fruit trees, planting compact pampas grass, growing silver broom and trimming back hostas and lupins. Listeners questions feature overwintering rhubarb, strawberries, gladioli and begonias, moving hydrangea, using wood ash on plants, replanting alstromeria, the care of amaryllis and planting veg in polytunnels.

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