Midwest Radio - Weekly Gardening Advice Show 03/04/2021

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Recent frosty nights have had an impact on tender young plants and early buds this season so Paraic opened the programme this week with a timely reminder about protecting new growth against sub zero nighttime temperatures. There were also some great ideas for Easter colour with dianthus, gerbera and osteospermum all featured in detail. Paraic advised on a range of topics including planting strawberries in raised beds and vegepods, moving daffodils while still 'in the green' and starting off a beehive. The programme also looked at some suitable climbers for a long shade favouring wall. Listeners questions this week explored why azalea buds may not be opening, sowing peas from seed, repotting seedum and the benefits of a chelsea chop, trimming back hebes, climbing hydrangea and escallonia, protecting rocket from flea beetle, transplanting sycamore, care of indoor plants such as anthuriaum and mother-in-law's tongue, and planting suggestions for a low flowering bed.

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