Midwest Radio - Weekly Gardening Advice Show 22/05/2021

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Seeds in general can be planted right now – flowering, herbs and vegetables – and many seed varieties can be sown directly into your garden soil. As it's also a great time to repair damaged patches and plant up new lawns week Paraic advises on how to get your lawn in tip top condition. There's inforamtion on treating Mare's Tail weeds which are becoming very prevalent right now and it's ideal tomatoe planting time, while peppers and chillies can also sown at the moment. There's a timely reminder to feed plants in order to maximise any damp conditions before warmer temperatures take hold, and some great tips on growing strawberries including the use of mytex to protect fruit and supress weeds. Listeners questions include aphid damage on magnolia leaves, transplanting lupin seedlings, scorched variegated grisilinia, problems with macrocarpa goldcrest, sourcing pink english lavender, planting out canna and calla lilies, tips for sowing berberis and whitethorn, ideas for pots for July, californian lilac and daphne not flowering, and what to do with an uprooted eleagnus.

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