Midwest Radio - Weekly Gardening Advice Show 19/06/2021

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This programme opens with a reminder on treatment for blight on foot of a warning for the fungus from Met Eireann. There's a feature on cottage garden plants which are widely available in garden centres at the moment providing lots of different options for colour over the summer months. There's information on house plants too – Paraic discusses Easter and Christmas cacti and takes us through the steps for propogation and also looks at the growth and care of echeveria. Outside in the garden Paraic explains how to take cutting from roses and other soft woods, how to deal with slug damage on dahlias, dividing lilies, and growing choosian palm which does really well outdoors in Ireland. Listeners questions include yellowing on little gem lettuce, the best trees for absorbing carbon, root damage on pansies, greenfly on plum, transplanting and propogating chinese and chilean lantern, repotting dracena marginata, suckers growing on carpet roses and tips for starting water lilies in a pond.

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