#80 The Circle's Catfish Jack Atkins aka Emily : I chose to be a catfish so I can get on the show

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With $100,000 up for grabs, the players are more ready than ever to catfish their way to the top. Jack Atkins is here today for a long overdue interview on why he chose to be a girl catfish, the drama between Savannah and Terilisha, his move to LA and living with Mitchell, a fellow Circle contestant on Season 2.

  • Jack said that he could tell the Circle what he wanted for food, then it would be delivered to his door a few minutes later!

  • The only time the players aren't on camera is when they're using the bathroom.

  • Players who are voted out of the Circle must stay in specially marked apartments until the show is finished filming. However, they're allowed to explore the UK with a chaperone.

  • The contestants weren't allowed to have their personal phones with them to prevent them from talking about the show with anyone outside of production. However, she also said they were given another phone, which was taken before they went into the Circle

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