E386 - Roman Roberts - How to win your market with the best business strategies

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Today we get to speak with Roman Robert. He is a former foster child who grew up in various homes throughout Texas. At 18. Roman joined the army, where he became an interrogator deployed multiple times, and had the honor of supporting Special Operations groups from around the world. Roman transitioned from the military after an exciting and honorable career, but had traumas from the foster care and the military that he had not fully addressed. These traumas led to various issues that almost cost Roman his marriage and his life. After realizing that this is not what he wanted to become, Roman began the process of discovering his identity through journaling, religion and having honest communication with himself and those around him. Roman now helps businesses be elite in their interactions inside and outside of their companies by assisting in communication, business strategy, process management and more. Let's listen to this conversation as we discover more about Roman.

Our Guest

Roman Roberts

Hacks to Take Away

  • Roman shared about how he found himself and his identities and helping people.
  • A lot of the time he gets driven towards communication, or to talk about foster care.
  • All those different home and happiness quotes that we hear, they exist because people were living in homes that were existing inside of happiness.
  • Relationships are important, whether it's with your spouse, or with your friends, or whoever it is, and it ties into.
  • Meeting all these amazing people doing amazing things and jumping into things that never jumped into before.
  • I definitely jump into some of the things that are completely outside of my wheelhouse.
  • You're constantly having to think through future state actions.

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