WTKA Roundtable 9/9/2021: You Weren‘t Kidding

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Things discussed:

  • Understand run-run-run when Zinter is in there.
  • Sam: They didn’t think he would play much.
  • Vastardis! We were both down at him, but he had a game, was reading Ralph Holley well. The Henning TD was mostly Vastardis—Sam noted they also bluffed the DE with a feint from Vastardis. Graham Glasgow-esque job vs Holley.
  • Filiaga didn’t miss assignments. Good matchup for him.
  • Ronnie Bell on his way to a Heisman before we lost him. We talk about That Catch!
  • John O’Neill crew: Seth says it’s seriously time to do something. Keep the woman, let her build her own crew. Every single down these guys are screwing something up.
  • Breaktalk: Ron Hefley is playing for Kevin Kelly, the coach who doesn’t punt.
  • Washington talk: John Donovan sucks. He’s got a 6’3” guy playing RT and a 6’8” guy playing G.
  • Michigan defense: they’re putting a LOT on their plates. Safeties look well-coached. Green can’t plan zone. Vincent Gray can’t play man, except he did well against WMU’s fast guy.
  • Seth pronounces UW names.

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