WTKA Roundtable 7/29/2021: I'm Not Dead!

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Things discussed:

  • HAIL TO THE VICTORS 2021 is HAPPENING: It’s going to end.
  • Big XII: Did we forget to get into this on air? Oops. It was the entire pre-air discussion. Anyway, we think this is the perfect opportunity to get all the non-SEC schools together to pass everything that’s great for college athletics but not for the SEC.
  • Why should I be excited about Michigan football this year? Seth goes off: Don’t you miss this? They can turn the game into Penn State 2014 but nothing can take away the link between fans and football players who put more effort into their play than any other sport. This is your team. Hassan Haskins is going to run some guys over for you.
  • More football: How’s the defense going to function now?
  • During break: They made the GLI two extra home games vs WMU/Tech but aren’t adding them to the season tickets.
  • More football: QBs, and whether Michigan can run zone reads. Seth gives some of the insight about the offense from writing HTTV articles.
  • NBA Draft: Franz 4th? If they think he can shoot and is an elite wing defender. 7th to Golden State seems likely. Livers is the best teammate out of the 200 three-and-D guys. Chaundee can get up a three and that’s valuable.

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